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Now i show you, how to calculate your biorhythm.
Biorhythms are cyclical waves that reflect human mind and body patterns. In a biorhythm calendar, cycles are generally classified as emotional, physical and mental. Looked at in cycles of days, these biorhythms show peaks and lows in an individual's life. The first day of a cycle is the person's high point, at which he or she will perform optimally in the specific cycle. The low point of the wave is the point at which the individual's performance will be the poorest. Some scientists disagree with this idea, saying that it is unlikely that all human bodies follow the same cycles, and that other intrinsic and environmental factors must come into play.
1.To create a biorhythm calendar, set the person's birthdate as the starting date,. This will be your baseline and will count as day 0 when calculating the biorhythms.
2. Figure out how many days have passed to the present day. If the present date is 7/1/09, you will multiply 365 by how many years there are between the year of the person's birth and this year. Add to that number the number of days in each month between the month of the person's birth and the current month, then convert to the number of days. You will need to account for the differences in numbers of days for each month as well as the number of leap years that have occurred since the person's birth.
3. Divide the number of days you come up with by the number of the biorhythm you wish to calculate. For physical, divide the number of days since birth by 23; for emotional divide by 28; and for mental divide by 33. In each case, the remainder is how many days into the cycle you are currently.
4.  Chart the biorhythms using an online program or by using Microsoft Excel. This will give you a chart using sine waves to show your high and low days based on your personal biorhythms.

it is when your computer is near.

if you have a computer, you can use the online biorhythm calculator.

In the top of the widget, was a button "change"
click and change your birthday, then in the top (left) was  a "view"  click and view your biorhythm.
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