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Oh hello dear pandas.  Sorry for this long absence.
Im interested in yet another game. Its rather intersting, nice graphics and much more...
Tanki Online — first multiplayer 3D-action on Flash. Participate in furious battles — destroy enemy tanks, help your team, advance your tank.
Here is link for English: Tank Online English Version
And  for Russian: Tanki Online Russian Version

Choose tasks in 3D!

And,  i wanna tell about some secrets for WINDOWS 7.

Soo, lets see how you can choose opened tasks in 3D! :D
You will just  press  WINKEY + TAB(Winkey is a key, it's placed next to alt, and in Winkey painted  Windows logo.)
BUT!, if you pressed winkey , you must in THAT MOMENT press tab, not after it. I mean you must press winkey and TAB at once, and if you pressed Winkey, hold it and press tab while you find your task. When you find it you can left the keys!  
Sorry for bad english :)

Hello big and clever pandas.
Sorry for waiting months. I'm went to Batumi, then i ask my dad to install the Microsoft visual basic....
I developed approximately 20-30 program.
I'm went to Armenian  "
TUMO" and there give me that.
But its not what i wanna to say.
I want to say, i created a FTP chat program.
Its really was hard to create it but i can.
You can Preview it on Youtube.

So... I will post here about my programs and of course PANFU!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't forgot the Russian  Panfu and I beg to open it.
Bye Bye ............................See You Soon.
Hello Dear Pandas.
How are you? ;-)
Im Fine...
           Today (20.July.2011) =) Went to Check Level Booster .
Checked, and its not worked xC
And I looked to the icon at the bottom. 
                                  the                         Bruno                  icon
I went to Bruno and Bruno ask me to give him 600 Bananas From  Hubi  Mini  Game...
I played and approximately in 5-7 minutes i have done the game and finally got 600 points.

Bruno for reward gave me the Banana Hunt Receipes.
I said me, to  give one to Professor Bookworm.
And Professor Bookworm gave me little helicopter for Tree House.
You can do this too...
This is Receipes To Download.

File Size: 210 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File




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